With just one more line you transform a LINQ into a parallel query

You probably faced this problem at least once in your career: You are creating a program or a simple script to get some data, process in some way and get the result but with a lot of data, or maybe you just need to call an API multiple times for each customer you have on your database, you finish your script and start running it, it works, but rapidly you see that it would take hours, maybe days with that program running to finish, or even if that didn’t happen with you, and you’re just trying to learn something new…

One of the best classic games from all time, created from scratch in full C# Console text based.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start a new project, something that I could use to learn new things, and share my entire journey also while practicing my (basic) English writing skills. So, this article will cover the entire project, starting from the concept to the complete running game, and also as a bonus I’ll share the source code with you, so you can play and add your own fun inside this amazing project.

As first steps, I tried to…

Fabio Stein

A Brazilian .NET Developer trying to learn how things work. Connect with me at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabio-stein/

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